Positions Available


Clinical Educator

May 6th, 2015

The goals of the partnership between the Ministry of Health and the affiliated US nursing schools in the Rwanda HRH consortium include the following:

    1. Develop the clinical, teaching, and research skills of current and future nursing and midwifery faculty
    2. Improve the quality of nursing and midwifery education at clinical sites
    3. Develop the capacity of the Nursing and Midwifery Council to license and register nurses and midwives, develop professional standards, accredit educational programs, provide for continuing education and all other functions necessary to maintain a professional nursing and midwifery workforce.
    4. Dramatically increase the percentage of nurses and midwives with at least a diploma from a 3-year nursing and midwifery school
    5. Create clear pathways for nursing and midwifery students to advance from A2 (secondary school diploma) to 3- year diploma to Bachelor’s degree to Master’s Degree through curriculum development, development of distance learning technology and content, and development of national policy to support these efforts.
    6. Ensure an adequate number of highly educated and skilled Rwandan nursing and midwifery educators to sustain and advance high quality education once the HRH Program is phased out

The following is a list of Clinical Educator positions available in Year 4 (August 2015 – July 2016):

Year 4 Position Title Location Duration (Months) Positions Available
Accident & Emergency Nurse CHUB* 12 1
Accident & Emergency Nurse RMH 12 1
Critical Care Nurse CHUK 12 1
Critical Care Nurse RMH 12 1
Medical Surgical Nurse CHUB* 12 1
Medical Surgical Nurse CHUK 12 1
Medical Surgical Nurse KFH 12 1
Medical Surgical Nurse KFH 12 1
Medical Surgical Nurse Nyagatare* 12 1
Midwife Byumba* 12 1
Midwife Muhima 12 1
Midwife Rwamagana 12 1
Midwife Kabgayi* 12 1
Neonatal & Pediatrics Nurse Kibungo* 12 1
Neonatal Nurse CHUK 12 1
Neonatal Nurse Muhima 12 1
Pediatrics Nurse CHUB* 12 1
Pediatrics Nurse RMH 12 1
Perioperative Nurse CHUK 12 1
PICU & Pediatriacs Nurse CHUK 12 1

* Indicates location is outside of Kigali