Employment FAQS

Who is my employer?

Each US faculty member is an employee of one of the US partner Institutions of medicine, nursing and midwifery, dentistry or health management. Salaries and benefits are paid by the US institutions, and the employee will sign a contract with the individual school or hospital. Each US faculty member will become an affiliate honorary faculty member of the National University of Rwanda’s Faculty of Medicine.

Will this be a salaried position?

All positions are salaried and benefits are paid through the US partner institutions.

What is the required time commitment?

For year-long positions, the required time commitment is 12 months. For rotating subspecialists (i.e. for Internal Medicine, Ob/Gyn, Surgery, Pediatrics and Anesthesia) the minimum required time commitment is 8 weeks. Some exceptions are considered are for year-long positions.

Are non-US citizens able to apply?


How are physicians, nurses and midwives matched to hospitals? Is there a matching process to give preference?

The Ministry of Health has defined the clinical placements and number of US faculty members needed at each hospital and school. The MOH will coordinate the specific assignment of individual faculty members to locations. Both the needs of the program and the needs of the individual will be taken into consideration.

What schooling is available for children? Does the program pay for schooling?

There are several good schools in Kigali that serve international students. Outside the city, there are few options other than home-schooling.

The Ministry of Health does not pay for tuition fees.

What are the housing options for US faculty and is housing provided?

In Kigali, there are very good options for houses or apartments in clean, safe neighborhoods. A housing stipend is provided to each faculty member, and he/she will be responsible for paying the rent. The Faculty Support Team provides assistance in finding suitable housing.

In the more rural areas, rents are significantly cheaper. The housing stipend is the same as for those within the city, so those excess funds can be used for week-end travel to Kigali, or any other purpose.