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The following are a sample of articles and press releases since the launch of the HRH Program. For all HRH Program related press requests please email

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    Commemoration of 21st Anniversary of the 1994 Genocide

    The HRH Program Team commemorates those who lost their lives during the 1994 Genocide and the devastation that befell Rwanda in the aftermath.

    Among other institutions, Rwanda’s healthcare system suffered significantly. Through the HRH program, we are working to increase the quality and quantity of our healthcare workforce and infrastructure to ensure that all Rwandans have access to high quality healthcare services, today and for future generations.

    Thank you to all our partners who stand in solidarity with us in building a more resilient Rwanda.

    Never Again

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  • Source: Rwanda MoH Website

    The Government of Rwanda in Partnership with the US Government Launches Rwanda’s Human Resources for Health Program

    The HRH Program marks a new step in foreign assistance that targets long-term sustainability of global development initiatives.

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  • Source: The New Times

    US-Rwanda health project to produce 500 specialists

    “Rwanda is expected to have at least 500 specialists in several medical fields after seven-year Human Resources for Health Programme that was launched yesterday”.

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  • Source: The New York Times

    Hands-On Medical Education in Rwanda

    The success of Rwanda in providing health care to its citizens has drawn the attention of the international community and has inspired a new program at Harvard University.

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"I am convinced that Rwanda will succeed in developing an independent world-class health workforce and health system that will serve not just Rwanda but the whole region and that within seven years it will be able to do this without the need for foreign assistance."

William Jefferson Clinton - 42nd President of the United States of America